I began my study of Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation in 1992 primarily to heal my achy joints, improve my general physical health and relieve some stress. However, what I discovered was a complete systematic way of life that helped me create a more healthy and balanced sense of self in body, mind and spirit.

In 2003 I was commissioned to teach others this same way of life through several healing modalities. Along the way I have earned a few designation and certifications to enhance my teaching skills. They include:

  • Certified Evidence-Based Tai Chi Instructor
  • Certified Medical Qigong Practitioner
  • Level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher-in-Training
  • Certified Master EFT Practitioner

Specialized studies include:

  • Currently enrolled in a 200 hour Yoga certification program to be completed in August 2018
  • Over 20 years of meditation training and practice
  • Over 20 years of studying Integral Theory
  • Over 200 hours of training in the Enneagram
  • Over 40 hours of advanced training in Yin Yoga

Every class I teach, every video I make and blog I write is for the purpose of leading others into a deeper understanding of themselves in order to live a more awakened integral life in body, mind and spirit.